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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Apologia Pro Evolution

Chad of On The Silent Planet, another Catholic blogger with an interest (indeed, a far more professional one) in evolutionary biology, offers the first in a three part series dealing with evolution and belief.

The overall plan for the series:

Part I: Introduction, and Why (Micro)Evolution is Good Science
Part II: Why Macroevolution is a Historical Field, but Yet Still is Good Science
Part III: Why Evolution Properly Understood is Compatible with and Affirming of Christian Belief

I've go to salute the guy. The last couple week's I've barely had time to write anything, much less such an ambitious undertaking. I'm definately looking forward to reading this series.


Anonymous said...

It could be a week or two before it's complete at the rate I'm going, and I'm deathly afraid that the jargon that I'm trying so hard to avoid will creep back in unbeknownst to me.

Thanks for the plug.

CMinor said...

Thanx for the heads-up--I'll definitely look for it!