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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jack's Birthday Party

Yesterday, Jay and Suzy talked to a child psychologist at Children's who told them that they should go ahead and have Jack's birthday party. The two older children have been hyped up about his birthday which is September 8th (the Blessed Mother's, isn't that wonderful?) but they don't think he'll make it that long, so they had it yesterday in his hospital room. Bittersweet, indeed.

Then they decided to bring him home today....they're hoping it will be more comfortable, less stressful. The waiting is awful....everytime the phone rings these days, I wonder if it's "the call".

Happy early birthday to Jack!


LogEyed Roman said...

This is overpowering. Yes, Happy Birthday to Jack!

And in God's Kingdom, ultimately reunited with his entire family, may he have many happy returns.

LogEyed Roman

Rick Lugari said...

Yes, a big welcome home and Happy Birthday to Jack. May the peace of the Lord be with the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Jack is receiving the sacrament of Confirmation this morning at 11:30. Our parish priest is coming to do two sons and I are getting dressed up to go and be there...blessed day to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from us too!

We're not going to let those Lugari kids outdo us on our own parents' website.


Rick Lugari said...

LOL copycats...