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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The shot heard round the world...

...was the Democrats blowing their own foot clean off.

Senator Joe Lieberman, who just six years ago was the much vaunted VP candidate, is now a man without a party, thanks to Daily Kos and such.

Now, I can't say I'm exactly a Lieberman fan. I voted against him and Gore in 2000, and I am not impressed with folks like him who used to voice pro-life convictions and then conveniently lost them when they went to run for high profile office.

Still, it can't be good for the Democratic Party or the country as a whole to have the extreme left winning out over more moderate strains. Though it may turn out to be good for the Republican Party come 2008 -- thus letting them off with another "saved only by the opposition's idiocy" victory.


Anonymous said...

These recent developments sure indicate that this year's Connecticut Senatorial race will be interesting. Could the GOP pull off a victory with a three-way race? We shall see.

LogEyed Roman said...

Interesting. Last year I told a friend of mine I thought the Dems might do better, having learned from their 2004 mistake. He remarked that "they're still the gang that can't shoot straight." Except when they take aim at themselves.

In fact, the Lieberman affair is one of many signs that the Left is just persisting harder in their self-defeating policies. Check this link for a story on how Hillary Clinton has drastically alienated--wait for it--DEMOCRATS:

I hereby add my opinion to all the others who are seeing this trend: The Left is repeating their same core mistakes, and may once again destroy their own chances in 2008.

LogEyed Roman