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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jack at home

Just a quick message to tell everyone that they're taking Jack home. They decided that it would be all right for the other two children and more comfortable for all of them. I'm going to their house now to help my sister-in-law get things ready for his arrival later this afternoon.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers...

<>Remember to pray not only for Jack's family, but for his hospice workers as well.

Venerable Louis and Zelie Martin, Servants of God,
You offered many prayers for your own sick children.
We unite our prayers with yours for Jack's healing.
May God look favorably on your intercession and, in His Mercy, grant us our request.
May His will be done in all things.

Venerable Louis and Zelie, pray for us!

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The Ironic Catholic said...

I'm really sorry to hear this, it brings me to tears. I will pray that God's life be poured into this situation as God best sees fit.