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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Oyez, Oyez

Blogging may be lite today, as they say, because Darwin is down with the fever/stomach thing, and I have a marathon final rehearsal before the dress rehearsal on Friday. Today heads will be knocked together if lines are not memorized. Today the tempo must be fine-tuned and the dead air eliminated. Today the sunburn must be perfected and the props must be in their proper places, and enter with the proper characters. Yes, there is much to do, which is why I, at least, won't be on the web all day searching out juicy tidbits for you, the reader, to digest.


Rick Lugari said...

Bummer Darwin, I hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry if I missed something here, MrsD, but is this whole stage production thing part of your 'duties' as a polyester pantsuited liturgical Nazi?

Anonymous said...

". . .which is why I, at least, won't be on the web all day searching out juicy tidbits for you, the reader, to digest."

Awww! This gave me such a strong image of you as a mommy bird feeding her young.

Poor Darwin! Hope he feels better soon and that the monkeys won't be jumping on his head too much while he's flat on his back.

Good luck with the rehearsal.

antonia said...

aw! Sorry to here Darwin is ill.

I wanted to say thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for my wedding!

God Bless you!


Pro Ecclesia said...

Hope Darwin starts feeling better. Good luck with the play, SuperMom!

(Don't tell Sarah I called you that.)

Anonymous said...

I hope that Darwin feels all better soon and that no one else gets it!
Good luck with the play...hope it all goes well.
God bless!!

Anonymous said...

Darwin, have two bottles of Chimay Grande Reserve and call me in the morning.

Mrs. Darwin, break a leg! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck sis
wish I could be there
Break a kinneyleg

mrsdarwin said...

You know, Rick, if you actually read the blog regularly, you'd know that this is what's going on. You must be too busy with the "scientific research" Darwin sent you to keep up with my social life.

Thanks for all the good wishes, gang!

Rick Lugari said...


Actually I'm probably one the most regular readers of this blog. I recall seeing the previous posts on the subject but chose not to read them because when I hear a felt-banner-making liturgy committee member discussing a stage production I get a chill down my spine and have to remove myself to my happy place.

mrsdarwin said...

Now that's too bad, Rick, because if you'd been paying attention and expressed interest, I would have invited you to our dress rehearsal tomorrow night, since I need some people to come and watch and give my actors a feel for having an audience there.

But you're in your happy place, so I won't bother you. Anyway, Father seems to want a polyester banner next -- it really doesn't seem to bother him, or the woman on the committee who proclaimed that she was just a bargain hunter and would look for the least expensive fabric for him. But he is opposed to liturgical dance, so that's something.

Rick Lugari said...

An uninvitation to a dress rehearsal? Woe to me even though I couldn't make it anyway because Friday night is when I clean out my toe-jam and belly button lint.

But he is opposed to liturgical dance, so that's something.

That is until you all get drunk in the spirit and start gyrating to Gather Us In waving your felt (and polyester) banners.