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Monday, March 16, 2009

Biber's Passacaglia for violin

Darwin has up a post on "babe violinists" over at American Catholic. Well, this guy isn't a babe violinist, but I love this piece of music:

The Passacaglia (also titled "Guardian Angel Sonata") is the last in a series of sonatas called the Rosary Sonatas, each of which involve tuning the violin a different way. They're all beautiful.

UPDATE: Ask and you shall receive... a reader sends us to a video of babe violinist Elizabeth Derham playing the Passacaglia.


Rick Lugari said...

Darwin's post is much better.


MacBeth Derham said...

I'll risk being obnoxious and blatantly promote a Youtube of my "babe" (daughter) playing the Biber Passacaglia:

mrsdarwin said...

Beautiful, MacBeth! I've posted it. Thank you!

Darwin said...

Wow, MacBeth, your daughter's playing is incredible. Thanks for providing the link.

Rick Lugari said...

Yeah, that was great. I'm pretty ignorant of classical music but I thought that piece was really cool too.