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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gun Control

The Waiter discoveres that he serves well with the M1911 .45 pistol.

Man... Just reading that makes me want to head down to the range. It's been too long. But since it's a busy week, here's a gratuitious M1911 picture instead:


Rick Lugari said...

Sweet, but where's the babe?

BTW, caught a blurb on the news, apparently the Dems are itching to do the "assualt weapon" ban again.

John Farrell said...

Thanks for bringing this up during Lent! Not.

I..ahem...gave up the Gun club when I met my wife. (Yes, there are gun clubs, even in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.) I still harbor hopes that when the kids are old enough and out of the house, daddy can take up the hobby again.

Assuming I can still see without coke-bottle glasses.