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Monday, March 30, 2009

Some photos, and a liturgical music post

Music first.

This past weekend was our parish's ministry fair, in which all the ministries set up tables in the parish hall and try to convince the post-Mass-going hordes to sign up for their ministry. My job as hawker-in-chief for the Schola is to "build awareness" so that those interested in listening will know we exist, and those interested in singing (the few, the very few) can be winnowed down to those with the requisite ability. To that end, I utilized my mad calligraphy skillz and made a nice display board, of which I display a poorly-photographed selection here.

My table was in the music ghetto with the tables of the five weekend Mass choirs. I had a CD player set up to waft chant and polyphony to draw in the music lovers. As I stood at my station on my third go-'round, two guys with guitars hustled over to the table next to mine, dedicated to the choir whose Mass had just ended. They started playing some vaguely familiar yet distinctly non-liturgical instrumental. In another moment, another choir member sauntered over and started singing along with the guys in what she must have thought was a soulful, down-wit'-dat sort of style. Although I couldn't understand a word she mumbled, I finally recognized the tune: The House of the Rising Sun. After a while, they switched to Good Riddance by Green Day.

On the other hand, I had more people show interest in the Schola's music after that Mass than after any other.

And some photos:

These are our Greek charts, for the edification of the young ladies here. (Do you know that with a few small adjustments, you can sing the Greek alphabet to the tune of the Alphabet Song? Try it.) We keep them behind the computer so that when the girls sit down to play games, they're really picking up the Greek alphabet by osmosis!


Rick Lugari said...

Do you know that with a few small adjustments, you can sing the Greek alphabet to the tune of the Alphabet Song?

I've found the alphabet song to be very versatile. I read Dr. Seuss' ABC book to the tune.

Big A, little a, what begins with a? Aunt Annie's alligator, A a A.

Oh, and I'm also so clever to have recited some nursery rhymes to it too, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep.


Zach said...

You're allowed to discriminate based on ability at your parish!?

That must be wonderful

CMinor said...

"I finally recognized the tune: The House of the Rising Sun."

Gee whiz--and I thought the Peter, Paul, and Mary tunes my church used to play back in the '70's were an embarrassment. I hope the selections for the fair didn't reflect music used at Mass; I'd be screaming for Rory Cooney tunes!

I mentioned over at AC that the red envelope project launches tomorrow. Perhaps you'd consider mentioning it.

mrsdarwin said...


Only one choir can discriminate, and that's the schola. The reason is because the associate pastor is one of our founding members (I'm the other) and he made sure we started small and grew quality. Still, if any of you are near Pflugerville, TX, and have the vocal chops to handle some polyphony, drop me a note. We needs some people.


Thanks for the info. I've heard the red envelope project mentioned here and there, but I hadn't looked into it. Now I'll do so.