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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Office Life

Sometimes even the subtle revenge of quiet misbehavior is not enough to overcome one's feeling of ill use.


John Henry said...

A relative of mine once worked for the post office as a mail sorter. He said that when the supervisors started acting like jerks, mail that was intended for Hawaii would end up going to Florida or some other unfortunate destination. It was irrational, but it was a way for the sorters to act on their frustrations. I understood the phrase 'going postal' better after he had shared the story.

Your post reminded me of that; which may not be a good sign. ;-)

Darwin said...


Nothing quite so destructive in my case. I've been tired and burned out all morning and decided to blow off a couple obligations and go take a long lunch with a book on the theory that then at least I'd come back feeling rested.

What I found instead was that having taken that time away, and coming back to three hours of back to back meetings, I found myself more burned out, tired, and generally full of bad attitude.

This seems like some sort of general rule -- an indulgence taken in a fit of peak generally leaves you more dissatisfied than you were before. Perhaps its the "fit of peak" which is the key phrase there.