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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Take Note

Amy Welborn is moving over to BeliefNet and starting a new blog: Via Media.
Well, here we go again. Again.

I should probably give a prize to those who have been reading my blogs since 2001 - you certainly deserve it.

Yes, that's "blogs." In Between Naps, Open Book, Charlotte Was Both and now, in selling out to both The Man and the requirement, resolutely ignored before, to name a spiritually-oriented blog with a Latin phrase, I give you Via Media.
This is not going to be a grief-centered blog, although I will post reflective of that reality which accompanies me now, a reality which has brought grace, a void, confusion, spiritual growth, but still generally sucks, I can say that a month to the day on which my husband died.

I'm still mulling over some regular features. As this first week unfolds I'll commit to some, beginning with the next post - the very popular and (to me) fascinating, What did you see and hear? post which will grace this space every Monday. Or, Tuesday, in this case - look for that later today.

I'm not going to predict what this blog will be like. I've learned not to try to predict anything of late. My goal is to make it newsy, meditative and ...well..unpredictable. Like life.

Let's just say that if you can imagine a day - the same day - in which you experience a breath of grace through the voice of a child, the cool hand of an elderly priest, gently laid on yours as you pour out regrets and questions, and then the plaintive voice of Lucinda Williams singing in a darkened theater those same regrets and questions that your heart has been crying for a month now...


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