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Friday, November 11, 2005

Bad, bad, bad

For those of you who are looking for intelligent, thoughtful commentary on things religious and demographical, I am sorry to disappoint. Unless, of course, you factor in the demographic factors and the lack of religious sensibilities that have produced Nicole Richie's first novel (excerpt here). I'm reminded of the classic phrase from the classic movie "Office Space": "no-talent a** clown. It's bad, bad, bad, and my three-year-old crafts more concise prose than Miss Richie offers.

I wonder if Paris Hilton has a novel in the offing? She already has an illustrious career on film....

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Kate said...

Yep, that reeks. Then again, I don't get the impression that Nicole has spent much time on the more intellectual side of things. But you would think she could afford a good ghost-writer at least!