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Thursday, November 17, 2005

School These Days

MrsDarwin is on the phone with her 15-year-old sister. There was some general grumbling, I gather, at the morals of her high school's drama product this semester: Grease. Well, the drama teacher just announced that next semester's production will be Lysistrata.

Now, I'm classical enough to think that you should definitely read Aristophanes in high school. But I really question the wisdom of having a play that involves all the male characters running around with giant erections throughout the second half as the main stage production for a Catholic girls high school.

Call me puritanical and all... MrsDarwin's sister is quite peeved at the selection as well, since it puts a great crimp in her plans to star in all the major productions at school.


Anonymous said...

And that is one of the reasons why I had a discussion with Mrs. Darwin's sister last summer before she started there, having attended that same highschool 30 years ago and having watched it get to the point where I no longer will support it financially. I loved that place when I was breaks my heart to hear things like this...

Anonymous said...

I want to add that it is comforting that Mrs.Darwin's sister has been raised in a such a way and has a strong enough personality, that she knows to step back from these things....when I had that talk with her, I was warning her about some of the attitudes that I knew were being subtly (and not so subtly) taught there...I've watched four nieces and the daughters of several friends go there in the last few years and have seen the possible effects.