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Sunday, November 06, 2005

From our "Bizarre" file

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how we'd been unfortunate enough to rent a movie with a preview for a little delicacy called "Drunken Jackasses: The Quest":
I leave it to your imagination to puzzle out what kind of a quest drunken jackasses would be on in Cabo San Lucas with five friends, four days, three nights, two dwarves, and one virgin.
Every now and then our site meter shows that we've received a hit from a search engine searching for the phrase "Drunken Jackasses". Is it that some on-and-off again reader can't remember the name "DarwinCatholic" and can only recall that he once read here about Drunken Jackasses? Perhaps that's the most memorable post ever written on this site? Some film aficionado searching for a review stumbles across us? The mind boggles....

Or maybe it's just Rick Lugari playing head games with us.

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Rick Lugari said...

Now, now...don't blame me. I would never insinuate that you guys are drunks. ;)
Unam Sanctum gets tons of Bishop Gumbleton hits, which can be a source of entertainment in itself. i.e. "bishop gumbleton is a heretic" "bishop gumbleton communist" They read more like statements that mere keywords.

One time I got a hit from someone googling "tettamanzi + frodo". Why someone would be googling that prompted me to blog about it.

Amyway, at least nobody has found me by googling "old goat". Yet