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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blog Spotlight

I simply wanted to draw everyone's attention to a few blogs that I've really enjoyed lately. (They're on our blogroll, but are you actually taking the time to look at that?) Perhaps it's lazy of me, but I'm not going to single out any individual posts and comment on them. We're just handing out applause today.

First is Bonfire of the Vanities. Fr. Fox has his head screwed on straight, and his sermons are a thing of joy (especially when you've just sat through something bland and overly long at your own parish). Plus, I like his politics! Lately he's blogged about indulgences, Kung Fu and the true course of wisdom, and Sam Adams beer. I hope he inspires lots of vocations, because we need more priests like him.

Scott Carson at An Examined Life is also a delightful, thoughtful blogger. He's been writing about his father's death and the hope of things to come, and his journey from Episcopalianism to Catholicism. Scott is a professor of Philosophy, and I'd love to sit in on one of his classes one day. I wish I could sound so intelligent when discussing the quantity of hot dog buns in a package.

Bearing Blog is one of my new favorites. I particularly enjoy reading blogs by funny, smart people who also happen to be wives and mothers, and she fits that category nicely. Reading her is like being a freshman listening to the seniors talking in the back of the classroom: we're doing the same thing in the same place, but dang, I wish I could be as cool as she is! Plus I get lots of links to interesting posts from her, including this one, about which I'll blog when I get the chance.

Mrs. Darwin has prescribed; now, read.

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