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Friday, November 11, 2005

My Wildest Dreams Come True!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have received an honor that I never thought was possible: I have been mentioned in an Iowahawk column! I owe it all to Rick Lugari (mad props to him!) for being so charitable as to highlight the recent misbehavior of two cheerleaders. I sent these on to Iowahawk as fodder for his Hoosegow Honey section, and he acknowledged me by my very name:
And, while they are not Iowans, I would also like to award special Honorary Co-Hoosegow Honeys of the Week to two lovely lasses brought to my attention by alert readers Marcus McCain and Cat Hodge: Victoria Thomas and Angely Keathley, the two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders arrested after allegedly getting their mutual freak on in a Tampa nightclub bathroom stall. Sadly, the NFL club terminated their services after the incident, but I have to believe they now have employment opportunities aplenty.
I knew I would be famous one day, but I never dreamed it would be like this! Thank you, thank you, Iowahawk! (And Rick Lugari, too. I'll never call you an old goat again.)


Darwin said...

This is getting out of control. She's wandering around the house with my old portable typewriter saying "I'll stake my pulitzer on it" like in Hudsucker Proxy.

Rick Lugari said...


Congratulations, MrsD! Who said nothing good come out of a passionate romp between two cheerleaders in a restroom?

Rick Lugari said...

Oh...and does this mean you will just be calling me a not-so-young goat?

mrsdarwin said...

No, no, I'll refrain from all goat-ish name calling. I've learned my lesson. :)

Rick Lugari said...

Not baaad. Thank you. ;)