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Monday, November 07, 2005

On taking the weekend off

Posting, as you may have noticed, was light over the weekend. Darwin and I did a lot of things that needed to be done (e.g.: spending a small fortune to clothe the youngsters, who have grown out of most necessaries; mowing the front lawn) but none that advanced any long or short-term goals. Sunday we spent at a birthday party for a set of tw-year-old twins, who seemed bemused by all the fuss. Here's something we learned: even if little boys love Bob the Builder, they don't seem in the least traumatized by whacking a huge Bob pinata to pieces. Who knew?

The small ones are sickening for something or other, and have been cranky and prone to odd night wanderings. I awakened to an odd shuffling noise at about 3 AM the other morning, and went into the office to discover Babs sitting in the darkness under the desk looking at a recently developed set of photos. Why? (But then, why does a two-year-old do anything?) And last night Darwin awoke in the middle of the night to find that all the lights were on downstairs and Noogs had curled up on the couch with her box of party favors from the Bob the Builder extravaganza. She felt feverish and hacked at us. Once again, why?

Now, having spent my weekend attending to none of the housework, I must neglect it further to dose up the small ones with cough and cold syrup. This can go two ways: either they'll love the stuff and want more. or they'll hate it so badly they'll spit it down the front of their new clothes and fight me tooth and nail.

See you on the other side....


Anonymous said...

Tell those two cuties it's just too incovenient for them to be sick. And tell them I said get better.

Anonymous said...

If my kids are going to be sick anyway, why can't they be just a little lethargic too? Just a little, that's all I ask.
Why do my kids still want to be up and moving around while they are sick... and counting how many times they sneeze and/or throw up?
Why can't little boys sneeze into a tissue, and little girls have the forethought to grab one before they let go?
Why does a little boy think it's impressive to sneeze and yell at the same time, as if sneezing really loud makes him super man?

I hear you on the medicine. We have our share of red and orange stained p.j.'s.
I hope your girls are feeling better soon. :)

mrsdarwin said...

The girls seem active and bouncy today (even their little coughs are bouncy), but now my throat feels scratchy and sore. Grrr... On the other hand, they took their medicine with no fuss at all and then napped for a while (time in which I did nothing useful, let me assure you!).

I wonder why they can't be lethargic at any time!