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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reckless Driving Comments Prove the Vatican Just Doesn't Care

You may think that the flap over the document about homosexuality and the priesthood was much ado about not that much, but Speculative Catholic has the scoop on an even less significant brouhaha:
Responding to Pope Benedict XVI's comments that reckless driving was a "social evil", reckless driving advocates declared that it was the beginning of a witch hunt against reckless drivers, that recklessness was a gift from God, and that it would make reckless drivers in the priesthood feel unwelcome.The Pope's comments made it clear that while he had the utmost respect for the reckless, they should not act upon their reckless instinct, but instead live lives of sensibility.Reckless spokesperson Evil Knievel said that the idea that recklessness could be a transitory adolescent phenomenon was outdated. Debate continues to rage over whether recklessness is genetic or acquired trait.

Given that most Americans have latent tendencies to reckless driving and that many choose to act on them, I wonder what effect this will have on the American Church? Will the USCCB issue a statement? Will the pundits froth?

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David L Alexander said...

Personally, I take medication to avoid frothing. Anybody else?