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Friday, February 17, 2006

It never rains but it pours

The Darwins are normally a clan of robust health and boisterous activity, but every now and then we take a notion to all come down sick at the same time. Keeps things interesting, doncha know. Well, today is one of them days, and it involves the popular ear infection.

The girls are recovering from their bouts, but Darwin and I spent last night fetching medicine and blankets for each other. My head feels like it's going to explode, and he has fever and chills and sore throat -- it's very pathetic. So blogging may be light today while we hit the antibiotics and try to clear this thing out of the house before baby's very imminent arrival.

On another note -- you may wonder what a classics major does with his degree. Pop on over to Rick Lugari's to see how Darwin aided Pope Benedict XVI with some Latin. And then vote for Rick in the Catholic Blog Awards! And Jay! And Julie D.!


Rick Lugari said...

Thanks Darwins. ;)

Pro Ecclesia said...

All get well soon!

Rick Lugari said...

It's been about 60 hours...are you kids still alive there? If so, I hope you're better. Do we maybe now have a new Darwin to welcome into the world?

Darwin said...

Well, we're getting better here. I'm pretty much over it, which is just as well because I need to bust my butt tonight and catch up on a bunch of work I didn't get done Friday because I was sleeping. However the unfortunate MrsDarwin is suffering from head congestion. With emphasis on the SUFFERING.

The youngest Miss Darwin is not yet on the scene, though she continues to make her opinions known by kicking and squirming. I believe the consensus at this point is that she should hold on till after MrsDarwin's mother arrives on Wed to join the fun.

Rick Lugari said...

I take it the emphasis on the "SUFFERING" really means "WHINING". But who can blame a girl with that big of a belly? ;)

Glad you're all getting better and hope baby waits until Grandma gets there.

mrsdarwin said...

You wouldn't be so unsympathetic, Mr. Lugari, if you had a sinus infection that was putting so much damn PRESSURE on your TEETH! And if you couldn't sleep because your TEETH were aching and you couldn't breathe out of your nose and your throat was all dried up. And did I mention that my TEETH hurt?

Anonymous said...

Afrin rules.

Rick Lugari said...

Excuse Moi, I was not being unsympathetic Ms. Darwin. I feel for're suffering an infection, 9 months pregnant, and baby weighing heavy on you and abusing your poor womb and all that kind of pregnancy stuff. It was your dear husband's unfortunate but innocent choice of words that led all of the readers to believe that you might be whining.

In fact, your informing us that damn pressure on you TEETH had made your TEETH ache all night and that your TEETH still hurt and that you're altogether miserable has made it clear to us that you are not whining at all.

And no, I didn't just roll my eyes...I had a piece of dust or something in them.