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Monday, February 13, 2006

My Chocolate Bar!

You'll remember my missing chocolate bar, of course, and the anguish that I went through in trying to find it. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found it! I feel like the woman in the gospel who lost the gold coin and swept the whole house, except that I didn't sweep the whole house, and I found it by accident.

Babs was trying to see what I was doing at the counter, so she pulled out a plastic pitcher and stood on it. (To the girl who wants to climb, everything is a step stool.) I told her no and opened the lower cabinet to put the pitcher away, and there was my chocolate bar sitting in plain sight, large as life! Oddly enough, I'd searched that cabinet and had been in and out of it for the last few days. I wonder if one of the girls had hidden it inside the pitcher (not used all that often) and it was dumped out when Babs pressed the pitcher into service.

Whatever the reason, I'm very pleased. Rejoice with me, o my friends, for that which was lost has been found!


Jay Anderson said...

I offer my most humble and sincere apologies for calling Darwin's honesty into question.

MrsDarwin said...

Apologies accepted, of course. I hope Sarah has finally forgiven you for the diet Dr. Pepper. :)

Big Tex said...

Behold, the glorious bar of chocolate! May it bring forth new life! ;-)

Julie D. said...

WOOHOO! Celebrate with very big bites! :-D

drunkenferret said...

Yes! The prodigal Chocolat bar has returned!

Are you going to bring out the roast goat and have a celebration?

barbfromcincy said...

Wow...this way you've gotten two chocolate bars...awww....God is so good....

Rick Lugari said...

Gee sooooory. It was wrong of me to accuse you of breaking a commandment and all. I'm also sorry that you went through all that trouble and wasted your precious lunch hour to replace it.


Darwin said...

Well, shit, Rick. You're a bigger guy than I thought... I was just telling the wife here that you'd probably log on and say that you figured I had eaten it, and I'd just bought a new one and hid it in the cupboard to polish up my oh-sooooo-sensitive-metrosexual image.

But since I was wrong, how about if we bang our heads together a few times and go grunt over some beer while leering at the waitress's pants.

Grunt. I think I just sprouted new hair just while writing that.

Jay Anderson said...

Gee, I didn't get invited out for a beer and some leering.

shelray said...

I think we have all learned a valuable lesson here, so the next time this happens, we will all behave more appropriately.

Darwin said...

Hmmm. I can picture it now: Catholic Blogging Guys Night Out

Jay and Darwin both get simultaneous calls from their wives saying that they are in labor, and argue about who is the designated driver and has to drive the other one home.

Rick is found hiding in the smoking section muttering "my mother didn't raise a quitter."

FideiDefensor gets thrown out for being underage, then sneak back in and fills up on coke and wings.

Catholic Caveman shows up and demands that everyone down shots of straight bourbon while shouting Semper Fi!

Zippy Catholic makes a brief appearance between business startups and proves to everyone's satisfaction that all beer is positivist and thus does not exist.

Mark Shea labels everyone "Faithful Inebriated Catholics [TM]".

Bernard reveals that the secret behind the Eastern Rite vocal range is "the Wodka" and Todd, ever ready to conquer new musical frontiers, starts in on a bottle of Chopin Potato Vodka.

Jay Anderson said...


Rick Lugari said...

LOL...That would be a good time.

And BTW...I NEVER accused you nor did I imply that you were a metrosexual. As far as I'm concerned a metrosexual is a homosexual who is still in denial.

I do wish I would have thought of the Great Candy-Swap Consipiracy though. It would have worked perfectly. ;)

zippy said...

Zippy Catholic makes a brief appearance between business startups and proves to everyone's satisfaction that all beer is positivist and thus does not exist.

Blasphemy! All that exists is really beer!