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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Walking to Work

One of the senses in which I'm very fortunate with my line of work that I now live within walking distance of my office. It's a fifteen minute walk (bracingly up hill in the morning and gently down hill in the evening) and I really ought to do it more, but I'm always coming up with excuses not to.

It only takes a few minutes to drive, so when I'm running late (which is most mornings -- not being a morning person at all) I often fall to temptation and jump in the car instead. (This requires some coordination as we went down to just one car when we moved so close to work.)

I really ought to do it more often. Not only for the excercise, which I'm sure I need, but also because it provides a fifteen minute buffer on each side of the workday when one can be quiet and think things through.


Kiwi Nomad said...

I live a 15 minute (more or less, depending on the wind direction!) bicycle ride away from work. I am tempted to take the car if it is too windy or looks like it will be wet. But I always feel better for the little bit of exercise I get cycling. And that 'transition' thinking time is a real bonus.

Rick Lugari said...

I always drive, no matter how short the distance. I do it to conserve rubber (on the soles of my shoes) and to spite the global-warming crowd. ;)

Kiwi Nomad said...

haha rick...... even you might have enjoyed a cycle ride home today. It was an easterly behind me which blows me home so I nearly fllllllyyyyyyyyyy! (Never as much when I hit a westerly going home though!)