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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Remembering a Faithful Priest

My brother the seminarian reflects on the one-year anniversary of the death of his spiritual director, Fr. Larry:
Every time I met with him, he would tell me the same thing before I left: "Remember, Will, that God loves you." And right then I knew it was true. Not because of his decades of academia and his doctorate, but because of his profound faith, which no teacher but the Spirit can teach. When I was around him, I knew that God was real.

I will miss the joyful "Hhheeeiiiii, Will!" with which he would greet me, and I will miss his candid, loving spirit.

Once he told me "A man must know how grieve, because if he doesn't, he holds onto what he should give to God. Every man should grieve, for that is how he finds joy. Hear me now, believe me later..." So I grieve for him, because I hope to know that joy that he knew.

I know he will be in heaven when I get there (by God's grace), and I pray that I can be as intimate with Jesus Christ as he was here on earth.

Would that all seminarians had such examples of holiness to guide them! God rest your soul, Fr. Larry.

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