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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why I was not carefree this afternoon

As I was about to send Babs off to dance lessons, I had to pull her out of my friend's van to change a rather runny diaper. Then I kicked back with my book, and very soon was contemplating an afternoon nap. Then I got a call from my friend.

"I'm on my way to bring Babs home. She had another hugely runny diaper, and the only explanation we could think of was that she must be sick!"

No, dear readers, there is another explanation. You see, Babs is clever enough to pull up her chair to the pantry door so she can unlatch the chain. She did it this morning, when I came down to find that she'd scarfed a quantity of prunes. Yes, prunes.

So the prunes will have to be hidden somewhere else, I see. In the meantime, Babs maintains that kind of cheer that's only witnessed in the two-year-old who is pleased as punch by her ability to produce fantastic and grotesque diapers.

I only wish this counted as "toilet humor"...


Rick Lugari said...

Wait til she's old enough to eat Lucky Charms. Who would have ever thought poop could have so many pretty colors?

Pro Ecclesia said...

Skittles make a rainbow of colors.

Kiwi Nomad said...

For those of us who didn't have to clean it up, this does count as toilet humour!