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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shrove Tuesday

Actually, I suppose we cheated in our Shrove Tuesday observance, in that we got ourselves shriven on Saturday. We didn't have a whole lot of choice, because someone forgot to give our parish the memo that shriving should be offered on Shrove Tuesday. C'est la vie.

MrsDarwin has been resolving to give up being pregnant for Lent, but so far the little blighter isn't biting at that one.

We didn't do anything big and exciting to celebrate today (I can't help wondering, in a sarcastic sort of way, if all the folks at the office who were planning to go out partying tonight are really planning on fasting tomorrow) but we did pick up some desert for the family. The girls selected a cheesecake with cherries on top for everyone to enjoy, and Daddy picked up some Belgian Kriek Lambic (a beer fermented using wild yeast and cherries) for himself. Mmmmm.

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